Lamentable Consequences

In 2009, I wrote a play titled “Beth” which tackled as its theme, the growing knife crime in the country. That work has become even more poignant in the past 24 hours with the news of the brutal murders of three teenagers in separate knife crime incidents. 8th August: Man 19 Found stabbed to death in Old Kent Road, London, 9th August: A 15 Year old stabbed to death in London, 9th August: Teenager fatally stabbed in Manchester

These and other stabbings go to feed the appalling rise of knife crime stats. Yet, the reasons why young people wield knives such as, gang culture, insecurity and crime are well known. However, of a lesser certainty is the success of the many schemes to discourage youth from carrying and using knives because figures from the ONS show the prevalence of knife crime continues with a 20% YOY increment. There’s a lot of head scratching and political noises. But it is understood that what we need not only hard controls from law enforcement, but also soft power schemes through education.

The play “Beth” published in 2009 was my contribution to the education of youth, reminding them of the consequences of their actions. This play, whose dedication is to “All those whose lives have been adversely affected or terminated as a result of youth knife violence” became very real this week when a family close to me was tragically touched by knife violence taking away the promising life of a youthful 19 year old. As a tribute to that young man (currently unnamed due to Police Investigations) here’s an extract from the play “Beth”

    Lamentable Consequences

when you’ve been put to shame
by another with a better claim
and envy makes you look lame
in another’s moment of glory and fame…


when angry peers addle and nudge
to stoke the embers of your grudge
pussy! you’d be decried if a deal is fudged
and leave no time to ask where the hurt is lodged…


when you find a stranger in a hood
a postal unit away in the neighbourhood
as you think you’ll drop him where he stood
even though maybe he’d rather be understood…


when love’s been diverted and unrequited
so you feel low in the dumps and dejected
the floor gave way and now you’re relegated
your ego bruised, busted, sore and deflated…


when the motto says – you take one of ours
we’ll seek one of yours in the late hours
to increment the tearful tally by the sun’s early hours
in the vengeful shank cycle – more tears, more flowers


when the wide web shows your brag is rife
telling everyone unashamedly you’re about take a life
with your unsheathed dagger and gleaming knife
a total disconnect between you and real life…


when a deal gone rancid leaves you with nothing
even though you’d rather get something
for the efforts hell, you’d at least get something
but then you fell for a con worth nothing…


when by the fist you’ve been bested
and now your mind’s fury infested
none can deny the justice you’re interested
and ire to see Newton’s third implemented


when with drink and drug your mind’s a flux state
inflamed anger and fumes of alcohol intoxicate
in which human reason stands no chance, suffocates
and restraint dies while beasts germinate…


when all the arguments escalate
and leave only failed reasons to de-escalate
there’s no bridge left to cross and communicate
furthest away the thoughts to make up and osculate…


when anger drives you to the brink
and leaves you no room to reason or think
your eyes wide and stare without a blink
as hatred consumes you with no time to think …


think! the choice’s still alive within your influence
until you cross that line of irrevocable sequence
and before you spend your life in penitence
wake up, wake up and see that there is a consequence …
Consequences … consequences … consequences …

Lloney E. Monono


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