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  • Of Bulbs, Bubbles and Bitcoin

    Lilium and Tulipa are of a family of plants known as Lilliodeae. They are predominantly bulbous herbaceous flowering plants found in temperate regions of the northern hemisphere. Typical to their genus these plants produce fragrant flowers in different colours which… Read More ›

  • Glory To Gory Days

    “We interrupt this program to bring you an announcement from the Southern Cameroon Armed Forces Ruling Council.” The FM station which faded in and out on the solar radio announced. Emi knew almost instinctively what was going to come next…. Read More ›

  • Has the Falconer Lost Control Of His Falcon?

    Falconry is an old well-established sport in which the falconer releases the trained falcon or some other bird of prey to go after game. He does so with the knowledge that upon his summons, the falcon would return to him…. Read More ›

  • Don’t Go Blindly Into That Goodnight

    “Talibanisation” and “Bokoharamisation” are not words available in the English Oxford dictionary, yet these coined expressions conjure up genuine words such as “intolerance”, “mindlessness”, “intimidation” and “terror”, as did with the image of the Cameroon Baptist Convention Comprehensive College, Nkwen… Read More ›

  • Lamentable Consequences

    In 2009, I wrote a play titled “Beth” which tackled as its theme, the growing knife crime in the country. That work has become even more poignant in the past 24 hours with the news of the brutal murders of… Read More ›

  • Two Questions ??

    Originally published on my FaceBook page in February, the poem, "Two Questions??" was penned during the throes of the internet shutdown in the NW & SW Regions of Cameroon as well as a shutdown of Anglophone schools and universities due… Read More ›