Cameroon’s Election 2018: What Outcome In The Incumbent’s Worst-Case Scenario?

In a rudimentary simulation assuming an abysmal performance across the country for Cameroon’s ruling party, CPDM/RDPC, at the polls on the 7th October 2018, it is possible to estimate the gains and losses spanning the political field with the following… Read More ›

Don’t Go Blindly Into That Goodnight

“Talibanisation” and “Bokoharamisation” are not words available in the English Oxford dictionary, yet these coined expressions conjure up genuine words such as “intolerance”, “mindlessness”, “intimidation” and “terror”, as did with the image of the Cameroon Baptist Convention Comprehensive College, Nkwen… Read More ›

Two Questions ??

Originally published on my FaceBook page in February, the poem, "Two Questions??" was penned during the throes of the internet shutdown in the NW & SW Regions of Cameroon as well as a shutdown of Anglophone schools and universities due… Read More ›