Of Bulbs, Bubbles and Bitcoin

Lilium and Tulipa are of a family of plants known as Lilliodeae. They are predominantly bulbous herbaceous flowering plants found in temperate regions of the northern hemisphere. Typical to their genus these plants produce fragrant flowers in different colours which… Read More ›

African MVNOs – Are We There Yet?

Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) are wholesale intermediaries reselling packaged access purchased from Mobile Network Operators (MNO). They buy bandwith in bulk discounts from MNO (Mobile Network Operators), the owners of  both spectrum and the network infrastructure, to sell at… Read More ›

VMK Announces Elikia

In what can be taken as a sign Africa is not going to be left behind in the tech-revolution sweeping across the world, Elikia, the Congolese made smartphone has been launched. In the smartphone world, differenciation is gold dust and… Read More ›